Eduardo VC is a composer and sound artist based in Mexico City. His work challenges the frontier between music and sound design and is developed through the combination of field recordings and audio synthesis with more traditional instruments. He has collaborated in film productions, sound installations, artist residencies, contemporary dance & is ever expanding his explorations.  

His work has been in competition in international film festivals that include Cannes, Sitges, Ithaca, FICG and FICM.

As a performer, he comes from a classical background learning piano from an early age. During his time as a university student he trained in instruments like flute and saxophone in jazz and free improv ensembles. Following a calling to embrace his roots, he moved to Veracruz where he was introduced to Son Jarocho and took jarana and requinto lessons. He spends a number of years in Bristol, UK where he is nourished by the vast range of musical styles. He is currently learning to play the Theremin and exploring the creation of music by plants through his sound installation: Re-Plantae5.1